Submit Professionally!

That old dirge about first impressions really does ring true in the world of writing.

Whether your writing goals are mainstream publishing, publishing yourself via a
self-publishing outfit such as Outskirts Press or Lulu or Xlibris or the like,
absolute self-publishing by doing all the segments on your own,
or even just your blog, newsletter, or e-zine, term paper, essay, or resume -
the professionalism of your content is of paramount importance.

There is nothing worse than paying good money for a book or download, only to find it riddled with errors, chock full of misspelled words, punctuation sprinkled in all the wrong places or completely missing, run-on sentences choking their way through choppy paragraphs,
widows and orphans, dangling participles, and poor grammar.

Wait, there is something worse... 
Realizing that this book or download you just purchased, the one crawling with mistakes,
is actually a great and interesting story.
Only you can't enjoy it because you're completely distracted by all the mistakes.
How annoying is that?? 

The saddest thing about that is... there is a budding author with a great imagination and some super stories to tell, but he's not going to get the chance to tell them.

Why not?

Because that author's credibility just went straight down the toilet.
The natural first impression kicks in, the reader tosses a potentially great story aside,
word gets around, and that poor author won't be selling many more books, if any at all.

No reader wants to pick his way through a story that is crawling with blunders,
no matter how good, exciting, or interesting the material is meant to be.
And to be frank, no reader should have to do that.
And no reader will ever purchase a second offering from that author,
for just that reason.

That author's career is over before it even got off the ground...

Don't be that author!!!


I will see to it that your manuscript is proofread, edited if need be, and properly laid out and formatted to the specs of the publisher to whom you are submitting. Rest easy knowing that your manuscript is being presented in it's most professional form, and in turn, that you the author are being presented in your most professional form.

I have proofed and edited manuscripts of more than 250,000 words and short stories of less than 10,000, with every size and structure in between. With all due respect to the authors I have worked with, I have taken pages of good material that looked like they were written by someone in the second grade, and turned them into sparkling masterpieces. I can do the same for you. 

Is your manuscript almost perfect? No spelling mistakes or missing periods or incorrect capitalization anywhere? You've read it over three or four times and it looks great? I'll bet it does, but I guarantee that a second set of eyes will catch at least one and likely more tiny, insignificant errors. Trust me, your paper does not have to look like it was written by a little kid to earn the scorn of a publisher. It has to be perfect, almost doesn't count. If you are serious about your writing career and about your reputation as an author, if you value your credibility, then please do not cut corners on this most vital part of the writing process. 

So, whether your manuscript, paper, essay, whatever kind of writing you are wanting to present; whether it is a big mess or almost perfect, you need that second set of eyes to bring it up to its full and ultimate potential. I can and will make that happen for you.

Contact me at luckylambbooks@gmail.com or at 386-214-5532 and let's get your material ready for the world to enjoy.
Let's write to be read!!