Can this stuff really happen??

The Cydronium Chronicles concerns failed experiments in the field of mind control, with a bit of humor tucked in amid the mayhem. Spirit of Sussex is an old English ghost story, plain and simple. Timespan - the Vet is an eerie account of time travel seen from a different angle and puts forth the hypothesis that time can actually be flexible, a mental concept of startling proportions. The Secret of Meat was written for young minds; a tale of exploration and discovery. A young rabbit and a young mouse set out on an unsanctioned journey to a city of humans, where they discover a ghastly secret that shatters the illusion of their happy little world.

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The Armageddon Project and the Spirit of Sussex are also available on Kindle. The Spirit of Sussex, Timespan - the Vet, and The Secret of Meat are also available at the CreateSpace online bookstore. The Cydronium Chronicles and The Armageddon Project are also available at the Outskirts Press online bookstore The Secret of Meat is soon to be available as a downloadable audio book narrated by Maryann Gray.

Short stories - The Battle of Hyannis, The Grip of the Abode and The Legend of Situs Towerus, are all available as e-book downloads at Smashwords.   Short but mighty, these little tales will get you to wondering, and may bring you to ask the famous question:  Can this stuff really happen?

Also available by Larry S. Gray are:

The Cydronium Chronicles

Timespan - the Vet

The Spirit of Sussex

Milton of Rabbitstead Manor - the Secret of Meat

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The insanely haunting Parallel Worlds, Perpendicular Dreams is due in early 2019.

And the extensive epic apocalyptic thriller And in the End – 2034 will be ready for readers later in 2019.

These two books will tie together but do not have to be read in chronological order, nor does one have to be read to understand the other. However, when both books are read in the order of thier release, a greater understanding will take place. The journey is underway!

In addition to this, another kids book in the tradition of The Secret of Meat is in the making. Also, The Armageddon Project - Volume Two has been under consideration, however it appears unlikely it will proceed.

We will have one last volume of Trent's Down the Shore in the works, a compilation of the first three with some added material, on location at the Jersey Shore. It will be released in time for summer 2017 beach reading, then re-released with additional material on October 30, 2017, for the fifth anniversary of H Sandy.

In addition, we have the continuation of the afore-mentioned On The Edge, and the narrative on Re-Incarnation.

And also in the works is The Tontine, a Wall Street thriller for those who like a little money mixed in with the mayhem. An old-school investment club learns the ghastly secret of it's inheritance, and what drastic hurdles must be overcome before so much as one thin dime can be redeemed. It's enough to make you want to hide your cash in the sock drawer.

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